A (not-so) simple case of incorrect political correctness

Supporting those who fight for our Flag, Motherhood and Apple PieAccording to Wikipedia, political correctness in the United States dates back to 1793, but gained a general understanding in the American political scene in the 1960s.  In the spirit of the 60’s, it’s time for “political correctness”  to start slip, sliding away. I’ve had enough.
I can’t take it anymore.

We’ve heard of alleged rapists, alleged attackers, alleged terrorists and alleged murders.  And now we hear of the atrosity at Ft. Hood being refered to as an  “alleged” shooting.  Even  the venerable and conservative The Wall Street Journal has come to use the word “alleged” incorrectly (Page A6, Column B, Paragraph Two, Line 3, for those of you WSJ hard copy readers.) The offensive, but “politically correct” copy reads,  “The Pentagon wasn’t infomed about the emails until after Maj. Hasan’s alleged shootings”.

Really?  “Alleged”?

 Think about it a minute.

The shootings were not  asserted to be true or to exist”.  It is a fact they existed.  This is truth.  
The shootings were not “ questionably true or of a specified kind.”  There is no question about it. Innocent people, service men and women and civilians alike,  were hurt and killed.

And the shootings were not “accused but not proven or convicted”.  It is not questioned to be true or not true that he was the shooter. It is a given. 

These three definitions of “alleged” do not apply to these shootings.

 The word alleged is used in the wrong context in this sentence. And someone, somewhere on the staff of the Wall Street Journal, should have noticed it.

They were shootings that killed 13 adults and one unborn child.

They were shootings that wounded an additional 43 people.

They were shootings, witnessed by dozens.

They were real.

They happened.

Enough already. It’s gone too far.  It’s our moment to regain some sanity, in the midst of insanity and terrorism. If we can’t stop being politically correct, can we please, in the least,  stop being politically correct incorrectly?

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