It’s back to school, for the first time

Supporting those who fight for our Flag, Motherhood and Apple PieI’ve had the distinct privilege of getting to know one of our United States Forces – Afghanistan Communications Specialists.

This young woman grew up in the south, the youngest in a large family.  She’s now in Afghanistan, keeping the rest of us updated on major news stories – nation building, counter-insurgency efforts, drug busts, and IED explosions, the stuff you don’t hear much about unless you really try to keep track of what’s actually going on there.  It’s a big job and she’s up to every second of it. Her work is terrific.

You’d never know her dad passed away a little over two months ago.

Her mother is now a widow, with her youngest daughter half a world away in Kabul/Bagram.  Can you imagine how tough that is?

But here’s the important part.  This same Sr. Airman is writing to all her friends and family back home, asking them to send school supplies for all the new schools that are being built in Afghanistan.  She’s working on her “off” hours, sourcing things, connecting with folks and friends to scour up the stuff we all have cluttering up our junk drawers, in our filing cabinets, and  in our closets:

note pads



color crayons






construction paper

3-ring binders


scotch tape

The back to school stuff that many girls and boys in Afghanistan will get to use for the first time, as students, in their new schools, thanks to the efforts of the United States Armed Forces.

It’s stuff most of us don’t use much anymore;  stuff we really don’t need. We’ve moved on to a digital world.  But it’s stuff badly needed in Afghanistan.

If you feel so inclined to pack up your stuff and ship it off, let me know. I’ll send you her address.blue-star-mom-service-flag


2 Responses to “It’s back to school, for the first time”

  1. 1 SHARON
    July 30, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    I would like her address. Now is the perfect time to get this stuff and send it over

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