RED FRIDAY: Doing what we CAN do


RED FRIDAY —– Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called  red-blooded Americans, and are also acknowledged as the “silent” majority. While we receive precious little media coverage that gives voice to this position, we are showing  our
 love for our troops, our country and our homeland in record breaking numbers. When asking a soldier, “What can we do to make things better for you?” the first  answer is, “We need your support and your prayers.” Americans, like you, me, and many of our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of us want to offer this support.  Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops,  starts this Friday by wearing something red and continues each and every Friday, sending a visual message that they may see or hear about overseas.

Please help me get the word out: if every one of us will share this message with acquaintances, co-workers, friends, and family, I have no doubt it will not be long before the USA is covered in red on Fridays.  It will let our troops know the “silent” majority is on their side more than they realize. Let’s  lead this visual effort, silently, respectfully, and with dignity, just by wearing  something RED FRIDAY.


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